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Help in creating your on-line freight price calculator

In order to build your on-line freight price calculator you have to have your prices matrix in a Microsoft Excel file, which then will be uploaded in the system via your account.

In order to successfully upload your prices matrix you should keep format of your Excel file as suggested below. You may download, see and use samples/templates of freight prices matrixes in Excel files in this link.


Step A: When you are preparing your rate matrix, before to upload, please PAY EXTREME ATTENTION TO THE ORDER and SEPARATION MARKS IN YOUR ORIGINS AND DESTINATIONS.

For example:

  • If you type your origins like Baltimore, MD (separated by comma), then select this format: [City], [State (Region)] 
  • If you type your destinations like Germany, Hamburg (separated by comma), then select this format: [Country], [City]

shipping freight from USAStep B: As soon as you have chosen a format for your origins and destination (see the Step A), then FOLLOW THESE THREE GENERAL RULES IN YOUR EXCEL FILE RATES MATRIX:

  1. Your destinations must be in the column A of your Excel file.
  2. Your origins must be in the 1st row of your Excel file.
  3. Assign your commodities (services) in worksheets of your Excel file.

Freight Calculator Help1

Step C: If you have properly followed those suggestions in steps A and B, then you may write headers and footers for your freight calculator, upload your rates matrix and INSTANTLY get your very own freight calculator on-line!

Then you may edit your freight calculator or/and it's headers and footers at any time. Just edit your Excel file rates matrix on your computer and re-upload.

Note: If for any reason you have done mistakes when created your Excel file, then our system should help you to resolve ones. However, after you will get your on-line freight calculator, we would strongly recommend you to test your calculator for at least several origins, destinations, commodities before staring using your freight calculator in your business.

If you still have any questions or/and suggestions on how to generate your on-line freight calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

















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