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Online Price Calculators. About us.

American Multimodal International Deliveries - AMID Logistics, LLC is an international shipping company / licensed and bonded U.S. Ocean Transportation Intermediary / U.S. Freight Forwarder. We perform operations related to international shipping of sea freight from/to the USA from our office in Palm Coast, FL, USA since 2007.

American Multimodal International Deliveries is also a leading edge provider of web-based international shipping sea freight management technologies. Our international shipping information technologies are built around real-time freight price calculators. Online price calculators are significant tools that make international cargo shipping management faster, easier and more cost-effective. Currently, our on-line freight calculators, that are used in in-house purposes, offer to our customers instant access to our international sea freight rates for different moods of transportation 24/7. The last versions of our freight rates calculators can be seen at http://internationalshippingusa.com/Home.aspx

Successfully running our business we have found that a lot of transportation companies, no matter domestics or internationals, regardless of mood of transportations: seafreight, inland trucking, air freight, warehousing etc are very concerning of having of similar product - an online freight price calculator. Then we have decided to develop a system that would allow to our business partners to easily build numerous on-line calculators based on price matrixes in simple MS Excel files.

The beta version of the system for generating online price calculators are published in February, 2013. We are offering one to our business partners for FREE. We are also welcome other transportation companies all around the world to try the system for FREE.

Note: The system is initially targeted to professionals in the International Cargo Transportation Industry. However, online price calculators can be used in any other purposes: to create an automated price list for a store; make an inventory list for a warehouse, etc.

So, welcome to try our system, create your very own online price calculator and use it in your business. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your very own on-line price calculator.

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